What we do

Templar Shield’s Cloud Transformation Strategy (CTS) offers complete migration planning services and solutions based on customers’ need, the workload targeted, and level of maturity. Templar Shield’s deep expertise in cloud infrastructure and cloud technology solutions provides efficient infrastructure set up and seamless migration.

Our CTS offering consists of numerous activities, resources, and tools designed to enhance the experience of our customers’ internal and external shareholders.

We are living in an age of breathtaking transformation, where cloud technology is at the core of how the world will do business. The cloud is unlocking the power and freedom to achieve success, however you define it. As lifelong allies in business transformation, we know that one thing remains true: The Change Agents, who pursue this opportunity, will be challenged at every turn by complexity, resistance and uncertainty.

These are the real human concerns beneath the hyper of the technology and that is where Azure is the cloud that can make it possible for all organizations. For us, it is about guiding you through the journey to the cloud, not just providing the technology.

In short there is a confluence of migration triggers/catalysts [including outsourced datacenter contract expirations, integrating acquisitions, urgent capacity needs, software and hardware refresh, end of support, security threats (e.g., Spectre), compliance (e.g., GDPR), and a need to deliver applications faster.

We believe that the success made possible by the cloud should be accessible to every business and every organization—small and large, old and new. But not all businesses are created equal. Some of you are just beginning your cloud journey. Every company—regardless of industry, legacy, or technology pedigree—can thrive in the cloud.

Shield Advantage

At Templar Shield we believe that Microsoft Azure is the only hybrid cloud to help you migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure with cost-effective and flexible paths. We are here to help you understand how thousands of customers have migrated to Azure, at their own pace and with high confidence by using a reliable methodology, flexible and powerful tools, and Templar Shield’s proven partner expertise. In short Azure can help you save—before, during, and after migration, and it offers unmatched value during every stage of your cloud migration journey.

Specific Services

Templar Shield Cloud Transformation Strategy:  assists clients in understand the value of migrating to the cloud, how Microsoft and Templar Shield can help you to migrate your apps, data and infrastructure to Azure, and assist in discovering what tools, guidance and offers are available to help migrate to Azure with confidence. To be successful in the Cloud era, enterprises must have visibility/metrics and controls on every component to pinpoint issues efficiently, optimize and scale effectively, while having the assurance the security, compliance and polices are in place to ensure the velocity.

Secure: While Azure is trusted and secure platform, you as a customer have your own security settings you need to manage.  You also need to be able to protect your individual machines against threats and monitor the security posture of your system.

Protect: Your VMs and applications in the cloud need to be backed up and protected in the event of data loss. With disaster recovery from on-prem to the cloud, or from one cloud to another, you can avoid downtime and keep your applications up and running.

Monitor: Every operations manager and every developer needs to be able to see the health and performance of their applications, infrastructure, and network. And seeing insights across all three together in a single dashboard can save time and resources in troubleshooting and preventing issues in the future.

Configure: For managing Azure and hybrid workloads at scale, automation and configuration capabilities help you create runbooks to automate tasks, manage the configuration settings and track changes, and monitor and deploy missing updates. Additionally in Azure you can use PowerShell and Cloud Shell for command line scripting.

Govern: Many customers need a way to look across cloud resources to assess and enforce enterprise-wide standards and policy compliance for security and management. In addition, they need to manage and monitor costs for the cloud, not just in Azure but in other clouds too.

IaaS is fastest growing subsegment, projected to grow 36.6% in 2017, 30.1% CAGR for next 5 years

Gartner and IDC

80% of CIOs will be pressured by their business leaders to evaluate migrating their datacenters to IaaS


Azure PaaS reduces time required to manage apps by 80% and time to deploy a new app by 50%


Top Cloud Initiatives

Confidently migrate your applications, data, and infrastructure to Azure

Flexible migration options with hybrid support

Hybrid infrastructure
(Windows Admin Center, Azure Security Center, Azure AD)

Hybrid apps and data
(Azure + Azure Stack, common data platform)

On-premises server innovation

Cost-effective throughout the entire migration experience

Azure Hybrid Benefit

Reserved VM Instances

Free tools to get started

Free cost management solution

High confidence, lower risk migration

Decades of enterprise experience

Azure migration center

Rich partner ecosystem

Confidently migrate your applications, data, and infrastructure to Azure