Data Privacy

Our integrated privacy management framework can help you leverage privacy as a lever to win 

consumer trust and comply with ever-growing privacy regulations.


Emerging privacy regulations such as GPDR, CCPA, LGPD, etc, have put privacy governance at the forefront of every organization. 


We have been helping organizations adopt a business-driven approach to meet compliance requirements under emerging privacy regulations


Our integrated privacy framework will enable you to lever increased privacy obligations as an opportunity to demonstrate transparency, the commitment to protect personal information, and win consumer trust/confidence.


Shield Advantage

Our end-to-end services and solutions support every phase of your Data Privacy Journey by enabling you to
  • Adopt a phased implementation approach
  • Prioritize efforts, and budgets to address critical areas first
  • Automate Privacy program to accelerate program benefits
  • Implement a Risk-based approach to
    • Reduce privacy risk exposure
    • Meet privacy regulatory obligations
    • Prevent data losses or leaks
  • Empower consumers
  • Leverage Privacy as a differentiator in the marketplace

How We Can Help

Our Integrated Privacy framework enables you to address the ever-increasing regulations and data breaches. 



  • Privacy Program Maturity Assessment, Strategy & Roadmap
  • Privacy Program Governance
  • Privacy Program Development


  • Data Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Vendor Contract Reviews
  • Privacy Process, Policies, and Control Reviews
  • Privacy Training and Awareness
  • Privacy Assurance/audits

Technology Enablement

  • Data Discovery (Manual & Automated
  • Data Maps & Inventory
  • Cookie Consent Management
  • Identity Verification
  • Privacy Program Automation
  • Application Enhancements
  • Security Measures and Breach Management

Managed Services

  • Privacy Operations – Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)
  • Critical Data Protection and Privacy Managed Services support the most demanding privacy challenges including:

    • Build, operate, and enhance data management, privacy, compliance, and risk management program
    • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and remediation.
    • Information asset inventories of high-risk or regulatory sensitive information
    • Address non-compliance; enhance data classification policies and security safeguards, data breach notifications
  • Thrid-party privacy risk and contract reviews

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Our Partners

We have partnered with leading privacy technology vendors and built solution accelerators to jumpstart your privacy program automation. 

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