GRC enablement is transformational. It is not only time and resource-consuming but also requires
a long commitment to navigate through the risk and compliance complexity for unlocking the benefits of GRC

Internal Audit

The executive leadership expectations of internal audit are changing from being an independent assurance provider to a trusted advisor of the organization. 


The role of internal audit executives turning out to be more complex than ever before because they are now caught up in between balancing their fiduciary function and the increasing expectations of the executive leadership i.e. seeking the advice of internal audit to align the organization’s resources with business strategy for driving growth. 


Moreover, Internal audit executives are realizing that the traditional audit methods/techniques and the audit team composition and skillsets are no longer sufficient to catch up with dynamic shifts in the business landscape due to the increased proliferation of technology and identifying the need to bring agility in the audit function to conduct effective audits. 


We have been helping Internal audit executives to meet the changing role expectations, in addition to the fiduciary function by helping them to implement a technology-driven internal audit program transformation. 

Shield Advantage

Our internal audit technology transformation practice consists of seasoned internal audit professionals bringing the depth and breadth of audit transformation experience of working with organizations of varying maturity across-multiple sectors and varying regulatory oversight/requirements.   With Templar Shield, you can expect:
  • seasoned professionals with  multi-sector internal audit experience
  • a technology-driven framework and approach to enable audit transformation
  • toolkits to drive your internal audit transformation
  • pre-built audit  management solutions to address your program automation needs
  • pre-built accelerators to enable integrations between audit management and enterprise source systems

How We Can Help

We have been developing tech-enabled futuristic audit models and solutions to bring the agility required to transform your internal audit function.






Technology Enablement


Managed Services

Our Partners

We have partnered with leading  GRC/IRM vendors with cutting-edge technology to provide best-in-class services and solutions
to manage your risk and compliance program needs.

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