What we do

Templar Shield Labs is consistently innovating in collaboration with our technology providers to provide the latest efficiencies and capabilities to meet our clients’ ever changing needs.  Both Business and Technology will not remain static and we must continue to evolve, adapt and embed these changes into our core capabilities.  Below are a few areas our current research and development with alliance partners spans:

Integrated Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) with Risk Recon and RapidRatings FHR
Templar Shield’s TPRM solution provides an integrated holistic approach to third party risk management and extended custom integration capabilities to gather data from other service providers using external surveys triggered to vendors on demand and continuous security monitoring from Risk Recon and financial health ratings (FHR) from RapidRatings.

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RSA Archer on Microsoft Azure
With existing IT staffs and limited budget, organizations often face challenges with maintaining their cloud environments post deployment. Therefore, Templar Shield believes in the importance of maintaining the relationship with our customers before, during, and after migration. Templar Shield’s Microsoft Azure Managed Services offer a viable option to help you manage your Azure environments, applications, and tools with specific expertise for supporting the RSA Archer Integrated Risk Management platform on Azure. Our team of knowledgeable, certified, professional architects will provide support in maintaining the environments and  filling in the gaps. We will undoubtedly maintain the highest quality and excellence in delivery. For more information see our offering here:

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Business Continuity Mobility with Konexus
KONEXUS provides a world-class critical event communication, management and collaboration platform. The Platform empowers organizations, governments, and enterprises to alert their citizens or employees of any critical event, and also streamlines crisis response by providing efficient communication and collaboration tools. Templar Shield has aligned with Konexus to provide the mobile capabilities of the Konexus Platform into the hands of RSA Archer Business Resiliency users, enabling an integrated, comprehensive solution that distributes business continuity plans and actions from RSA Archer to the mobile Konexus platform.

RSA Archer Record Retention Integrations
Templar Shield’s RSA Archer Record Retention Publishing Service provides organizations greater assurance of FINRA 17a-4 compliance and compliance to record retention policies with technical solutions that automate the process of archiving records from RSA Archer over to your centralized and secure retention policy management system.