What we do

Templar Shield’s Risk Transformation Consulting Services helps organizations navigate the continuous evolution of the organization’s risk function, building greater risk aware cultures to make more informed risk based decisions to achieve corporate objectives. We help you define your functions and processes that embed risk in the every day actions of your organization. We help low maturity organizations convert from siloed functions and processes to integrated processes that promote cross collaboration and more informed and faster decision making reducing unmitigated risks. As you mature, we help further automate and integrate more complex risk processes across the organization building greater confidence in the risk and compliance function and promoting greater risk based decision making.

Our Risk Transformation Consulting Services helps you with:

Enterprise Risk Management Program Advisory

Develop ERM Framework that identifies governance and processes that integrate risk management into continuing operations based on industry guidance (i.e. COSO). We help organizations define their ERM Frameworks and align to roadmaps for process and technology improvement.

Policy and Regulatory Obligations Gap Analysis and Control Optimization

Identify gaps and improve policies, control standards, and procedures content through an assessment against industry frameworks (i.e. HIPAA, NIST, ISO, PCI, COBIT).

Risk Capability and Maturity Assessments

Assess the maturity of your risk management processes and guide the implementation of improvements.

Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance Assessments

Coordinate among business units and across compliance requirements to streamline enterprise risk and compliance assessments and processes.

Vendor and Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Services and Mitigation Strategies

Identify cost effective strategies for third party risk mitigation that leverage process improvements, technologies, and external service providers.

Integrated Risk, Third Party, Business Continuity, Compliance, and Audit Platform Selection Guidance

Assess the capabilities of multiple technology platforms to align available technologies to the exact needs of your organization.

Integrated Risk Platform Implementation Roadmaps

Create implementation strategies that establish foundational elements and quick wins first to help your organization’s risk process maturity.

Shield Advantage

You need a partner with diverse experience across your industry, whom understands your organization’s diverse needs based on your size and maturity of your program, whom is skilled in leading technology capabilities to provide objective analysis and recommendations on technologies that best meet your exact needs. Templar Shield has this experience building risk and compliance programs for the world’s largest companies to those on the rise.