What we do

Organizations are challenged in managing their third parties due to continuing globalization of markets with increasing compliance requirements, expanding outsourcing of business processes and use of hyper-connected cloud environments that possess great risk to the enterprise. Templar Shield helps vendors work for you rather than expose you with our integrated third party risk management solution or solutions custom fit for your environment. Organizations need to take a risk-based approach to better understand their third-party relationships and prioritize their limited resources on the highest risk areas. Utilizing our alliances with Risk Recon, RapidRatings, integrated risk technology platforms, industry frameworks (i.e. SIG), and our extensive experience in vendor management, we help organizations save money, remediate third party risk faster, and limit exposure. It provides clear visibility and continuous monitoring of the risk of events occurring with a third party.

Templar Shield offers extended capabilities to provide the continuous monitoring and systematic means for gathering the vendor responses you need to make your riskiest vendors the priority. Out integrations and alliances with RapidRatings enables companies to analyze financial health ratings, benchmark third and fourth parties against their peers, and increase efficiency in managing financial regulatory and compliance. An increased visibility into security posture of vendors across multiple cyber-risk factors and findings and remediations are provided with the integration with Risk Recon.

Expand your capabilities without expanding your team.  Outsource vendor reviews, third party management processes, findings remediation, and ongoing security and financial health monitoring to us.

Shield Advantage

Templar Shield provides an integrated holistic approach to third party risk management. With Templar Shield, organizations can achieve a comprehensive vendor risk profile through extended capabilities to gather data from vendors and service providers using external surveys triggered to vendors on demand, and continuous security and financial health ratings from leading service providers.


  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Third Party Catalog
  • Third Party Governance
  • Third Party Risk Management
  • Findings and Remediations
  • Risk Assessment
  • Automated workflows, notifications, and reporting to manage vendor relationships, track SLAs, monitor compliance, facilitate due diligence reviews, measure financial viability, manage and assess engagements, and manage third party findings and remediation.
  • Integrations with external systems (Risk Recon, RapidRatings, etc.)