What we do

Organizations are in a constant battle with bad actors that are looking to penetrate their network by exploiting vulnerabilities. Templar Shield is an experienced GRC firm that can help any organization protect their business by leveraging leading GRC technology to transform an immature risk management process into a mature and Integrated Risk Management program. By utilizing top technology, we will identify and protect enterprise assets, prioritize criticality with effective impact analysis, perform periodic and thorough threat assessments, detect and respond to attacks, identify and remediate security deficiencies, measure risk and compliance to security policies and controls, and respond to incidents.

Shield Advantage

With Templar Shield, organizations get a strategic advantage in leveraging a premier information security and risk firm with diverse and skilled consultants with strong understanding in leading GRC technologies such as RSA Archer, ServiceNOW, Lockpath Keylight, Logicgate and others.

Our technologies will help your organization:

  • Complete and continue with effective Asset Discovery
  • Monitor and Protect Network Assets
  • Proactively prevent penetration through Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Comply with industry regulatory bodies
  • Quickly and efficiently respond to incidents