What we do

As governing bodies at the Federal, State, County, and City level find themselves struggling to manage their risk programs while keeping in compliance with ever-changing regulations, balancing high public visibility, and budgetary constraints, Templar Shield is ready and able to implement solutions that will align and maximize resources by leveraging People, Processes, and Technology. Templar Shield can help streamline compliance and reduce the burden of regulatory compliance, allowing government agencies to operate more efficiently.

Our solutions support the public sector to provide quality assurance, continuous compliance monitoring, risk assessments, issues remediation, and reporting of compliance to industry standards (ICS (Industrial Control Standards), NIST, CDSS (Previously FedRAMP), FISMA, OMB Requirements).

Shield Advantage

  • Templar’s professional services team has deep experience in federal information assurance solutions. Our team will help your organization establish a central repository for risk and control related data through streamlined data flows, increased data sharing, and more collaborative, less siloed automated processes.
  • By utilizing our services with integrated risk management platforms and related technologies, our customers are able to efficiently manage FISMA and OMB compliance requirements and leverage assessment data for reuse, including GAO (Government Accountability Office) and other audits.