GRC Strategy
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We offer expertise in building Governance, Risk and Compliance [GRC] programs for entities of all sizes, helping you invest time and focus resources to prepare a roadmap for success.

We start by first analyzing your business, taking a complete look at the problems you are seeking to solve, the tool investment you have made to date, and the different participants involved in your program. We work with your key business stakeholders to prioritize your goals and map your processes to the existing GRCr solution suite, accelerating your deployment timeline and gaining immediate value. Our roadmap service allows you to have clear direction, achievable milestones and tangible results as your implement the a GRC platform.

Through an interview and discovery process we capture the goals you are looking to accomplish with your GRC solutions and we ask questions and offer possibilities and ideas for aligning your processes with the existing options offered through GRC. When the roadmap project is finished, you’ll have a variety of deliverables to leverage to communicate your plan to other teams and communicate the benefits of an integrated GRC approach to the larger organization.

Templar Shield simplifies and transforms eGRC programs to remove complexity for our clients, saving them time and money. Templar Shield can help you expand the use of the GRC platform to centralize and automate governance, risk, and compliance activities that are performed by cross-functional teams. The roadmap identifies and prioritizes stakeholder desired use cases for GRC as defined during meetings with each stakeholder team. It also accounts for factors that commonly influence success of an GRC implementation (e.g. system governance, staffing, etc.) and recognizes administrative and maintenance activities required to keep the GRC platform healthy.

Strategy / Policy / Standards / Controls

A GRC platform provides the foundation for an organization’s governance, risk management, and compliance program with a comprehensive, consistent process for managing the lifecycle of policies and their exceptions.  Templar Shield deploys your eGRC solution to provide a single location for creating policies, standards, and controls and mapping them to objectives, regulations, industry guidelines, and best practices. We also enable you to communicate policies to employees, track acceptance, and assess comprehension.

We completely configure your eGRC solution for Policy Management, enabling you to understand what governs your organization and formulate policies that achieve corporate objectives and demonstrate regulatory compliance.  This provide a centralized, access-controlled environment for automating compliance processes, assessing deficiencies, and managing remediation efforts.

Templar Shield helps organizations document process and technical controls, link them to authoritative sources, perform risk-based scoping, execute design and operating tests, and respond to gaps. We also configure your GRC solution to report assessment results and remediation activities to management and regulators through real-time dashboards.

Templar Shield can help to define processes to maintain and update your organization’s policies, standards, and controls, and can also provide guidance in the creation of a unified controls framework to simplify and help address multiple regulations. Lastly, our team can assist with building a compliance process that gives your organization the ability to monitor the status of security controls down to the level of various applications and facilities.

eGRC Assessments / GAP Analysis
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Templar Shield helps organizations transform their separate eGRC capabilities into a coordinated GRC program with a purpose that aligns with business goals and objectives.

Did your eGRC program evolve in siloes?  Was functionality designed and built by contractors and employees who are no longer with your organization?  Many companies have well-intentioned eGRC programs that, at the time of their creation, solved very tactical and immediate compliance and policy needs, but now lack ownership, a strategic vision or structure.

Templar Shield’s eGRC Security Maturity Assessment Service is based on industry best practices and is designed for organizations in all stages of deploying GRC methodologies, processes and systems. Through this service, you can get a fact-based assessment of your current GRC maturity level and recommendations for achieving the target maturity level on GRC. The service also provides recommendations to address the gaps between current and target maturity level on GRC.

Our eGRC maturity model helps security and risk professionals establish all of the functions and components that comprise optimized, fully functional governance, risk management, and compliance efforts. Leveraging this model, you can objectively assess your GRC efforts to identify areas of weakness as well as centers of excellence, then outline a strategy to make appropriate improvements. The model consists of functions and components within the domains of oversight, technology, process, and people, each with detailed assessment criteria to provide a consistent and objective method of assessment.


Technology Enablement Services

Templar Shield’s eGRC Installation Services Help You Realize Immediate Value from Your Investment.

Whether you deploy the an eGRC Platform on-premise or opt for a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment, Templar Shield offers installation services to deliver a tested and ready to use implementation. We also provide an introduction to key features and functionality of your eGRC platform and its content, enabling you to realize immediate value from your investment.  Templar Shield’s eGRC installation service takes you through a simple three-step process: installing and validating the deployment, demonstrating the platform and licensed solutions, and finalizing the installation project.

Templar Shield will walk you through the installation and validation process step-by-step, and we will work with you to resolve any issues that surface during testing. Our installation consultant will introduce your team to major features and functionality of your eGRC platform and your licensed solutions with training tailored to your organization and your needs. Finally, we will familiarize you with key contacts, services and tools to ensure that you can obtain the support for any questions and requirements you may have.