What we do

Automate your approach to business continuity and disaster recovery planning and execution, enabling swift response in crisis situations to protect your ongoing operations. Automate business impact analysis (BIA), business continuity plan management, disaster recovery, and incident response processes.  Extend capabilities with world-class critical event communication, management and collaboration.

We help organization’s improve business continuity maturity through process advisory, technology selection and implementation.  Areas we assist include:

Business Impact Analysis

Determine criticality of business processes through greater automation and reporting with use of technology.

Business Continuity Planning

Create consistent continuity plans covering all areas of the business. Automate the review process and leverage inputs from BIAs of related business processes.

Incident Response

Manage workflow of cases and responses for events whether physical incidents, cyberattacks, or compliance complaints management.

Resiliency Response

Coordinate a consistent and automated approach for response and mass communication in crisis situations.

Mobile Critical Event Communication

Templar Shield has aligned with Konexus to provide a world-class critical event communication, management and collaboration platform. Streamlines crisis response by providing efficient communication and collaboration tools. Enhance capabilities through integration with integrated risk platforms.

Business Impact Analysis

Determine criticality of business processes through greater automation and reporting with use of technology.

We support a wide array of technologies to support Business Resiliency processes, each offering specific benefits to meet your exact needs.  Some of Technologies include:

Shield Advantage

Across an array of industries, Templar Shield provides extensive experience in defining and enabling business resiliency processes and technologies.  Our solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Improved Control Over Business Continuity Plan Review Lifecycle
    Improve control over the plan review lifecycle with one platform that consolidates your plan with input from business impact analysis and related common registries for business processes, business hierarchy, products and services, and impacted systems. View real-time reporting and dashboards of BCP review progress and assignments.
  • Big Picture Visibility
    Business process mapping of upstream and downstream dependencies and interdependencies between business processes, business impact analysis, products and services, and systems.
  • Integrate Incident Response and Crisis Management
    Manage incidents as they arise.  Test response to crisis events.
  • Maintain Audit History
    Technologies can help your organization maintain systematic version control and change history of business continuity plans, business impact analysis, and recovery plan testing.