4 Valuable Tips For Protecting Against The Increase In Software-Based Intellectual Property Theft

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail So what can you do to protect your software-based Intellectual Property better?  Fortunately, there are things you can to do to help overcome this problem – however in practice, what does that mean? The following are 4 valuable tips for protecting your software-based IP assets better we got from Intellectual property attorney Feinberg Day. […]

Researchers Find Fresh Fodder for IoT Attack Cannons

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailNew research published this week could provide plenty of fresh fodder for Mirai, a malware strain that enslaves poorly-secured Internet of Things (IoT) devices for use in powerful online attacks. Researchers in Austria have unearthed a pair of backdoor accounts in more than 80 different IP camera models made by Sony Corp. Separately, Israeli security experts […]

TalkTalk denies customers’ Wi-Fi passwords were stolen from faulty routers after malware attack

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailA security researcher has warned TalkTalk customers to replace the faulty routers immediately. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Distributed Guessing Attack Reels in Payment Card Data

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailA research paper describes vulnerabilities enabling distributed guessing attacks which allow an attacker to collect payment card data across a number of sites without triggering alerts. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Scottish Football Association apologises after database ‘hack’ sends fans £170 invoice spam

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailAll emails were spoofed to look like official emails from the SFA accounts department. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

A Dark Web site wants to crowdfund a Trump assassination, but it could be a big scam

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailA hacker has left a message in the source code claiming it is a scam. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Apple iPad activation lock screen can be bypassed due to iOS bug, say security researchers

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailApple has not yet acknowledged the issue. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Samsung invests $10m in Russian tech that aims to fix errors in source code of Tizen apps

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailThe programming solution will also detect potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Visa Delays Chip Deadline for Pumps To 2020

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailVisa this week delayed by three years a deadline for fuel station owners to install payment terminals at the pump that are capable of handling more secure chip-based cards. Experts say the new deadline — extended from 2017 — comes amid a huge spike in fuel pump skimming, and means fraudsters will have another three years […]

Google Fixes 12 High-Severity Flaws In Chrome Browser

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailChrome 55.0.2883.75 for Windows, Mac, and Linux was released Thursday and patched 36 vulnerabilities, including 12 high-severity flaws eligible for bounties. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail