Self-flying pilotless plane completes test flight and could be landing at airports by 2020

FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailAutonomous aircraft from BAE Systems flew a 300-mile trip using system of sensors. FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail

South Korean defence ministry’s cyber wing attacked by suspected North Korean hackers

FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailThe extent of the infiltration is yet to be determined as authorities ascertain magnitude of the data leak. FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail

New Large-Scale DDoS Attacks Follow Schedule

FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailResearchers are tracking a new wave of DDoS attacks that rival Mirai when it comes to intensity and scope. FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail

Hackers steal more than $31m from Russia’s central bank

FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailThis cyberattack is the latest in a series of attacks targeting financial institutions globally. FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail

Russia fears foreign spies are plotting to disrupt its banks with major cyberattack

FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailThe FSB says it is taking the necessary measure to ‘neutralize’ the cyber threat. FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail

Hundreds of thousands of internet users in the UK without access to web after cyber attack

FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailThe attack targets particular routers, but experts believe other home devices could soon be hit. FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail

Rule 41 Opponents Vow to Fight Government’s New Hacking Powers

FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailOpponents of the controversial Rule 41 say they are committed to fighting the government’s expanded powers. FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail

Tips for Improving Your Privacy on Instagram

FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail What exactly is Instagram all about? It’s more than a phone app for fiddling with the colours and effects of your photos with its many stylish features. In fact, Instagram is a picture-sharing platform first and foremost. It’s designed to let you share your favourite photos with friends, relatives, other users, and just about […]

Gooligan Malware Breaches 1 Million Google Accounts

FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailThe Gooligan Android malware steals Google authentication tokens from mobile devices to breach user and corporate accounts. FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail

New Mirai Worm Knocks 900K Germans Offline

FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailMore than 900,000 customers of German ISP Deutsche Telekom (DT) were knocked offline this week after their Internet routers got infected by a new variant of a computer worm known as Mirai. The malware wriggled inside the routers via a newly discovered vulnerability in a feature that allows ISPs to remotely upgrade the firmware on the devices. But […]