Top Intel Democrat: Trump risking U.S. credibility

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee believes President-elect Donald Trump is risking U.S. credibility around the globe by perpetuating evidence-free claims that "millions" of people voted illegally and by skipping intelligence briefings. Trump, said Rep. Adam Schiff of California, is not "growing into the job." "When you have a president-elect who sends […]

DailyMotion Hack Leaks Emails, Passwords of 87M Users

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailThe video sharing website DailyMotion admitted early Tuesday that it recently suffered an “external security problem” which resulted in the compromise of its users data. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Sony Closes Backdoors in IP-Enabled Cameras

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailBackdoors, likely intentional remote administration features, were closed off in 80 different Sony IP-enabled cameras running the IPELA Engine technology. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Russia gets new Putin-approved information security doctrine following cyberespionage attack fears

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailThe new edition of the doctrine comes on the heels of cyberattacks on major Russian banks. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

DDoS, IoT Top Cybersecurity Priorities for 45th President

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailAddressing distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks designed to knock Web services offline and security concerns introduced by the so-called “Internet of Things” (IoT) should be top cybersecurity priorities for the 45th President of the United States, according to a newly released blue-ribbon report commissioned by President Obama. “The private sector and the Administration should collaborate on a roadmap for improving the […]

Dirty Cow Vulnerability Patched in Android Security Bulletin

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailToday’s Android Security Bulletin included a patch for the Dirty Cow vulnerability, a seven-year-old Linux bug that had yet to be patched by Google. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Sextortion scams on the rise as cybercrooks cash in on ‘safe’ social media spaces

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailAccording to the National Crime Agency, sextortion scams have resulted in 4 deaths over the year. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

India’s cyber security agency warns of hacking attempts on micro ATMs and POS terminals following demonetisation

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailCERT-In says ATMS are vulnerable in the wake of scramble for cash. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

North Korea’s government sanctioned Red Star OS can be remotely hacked, say security researchers

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailSecurity experts expose a new vulnerability to ‘mark Red Star’s anniversary leak’. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

How Americans View the EMV Update

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailDespite news coverage and social media frustration focusing on perceived shortcomings of credit cards with EMV chip technology, nearly 4 in 5 Americans view chip cards positively, a new NerdWallet survey shows. And more people say they prefer to use chip cards than traditional magnetic-stripe cards when making purchases in stores. Even so, a year […]