Flash Exploit Found in Seven Exploit Kits

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailAn Adobe Flash Player vulnerability used by the Sofacy APT gang was also found in seven of the top exploit kits, according to an analysis by Recorded Future. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Former Expedia employee hacked bosses to net $350,000 in ‘get-rich-quick scheme’

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailThe former IT-staffer is facing up to 25 years jail for insider trading ploy. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Nintendo offers hackers up to £15,500 to find 3DS security vulnerabilities in bug bounty programme

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailThe reward amount will range between £78 and £15,681. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Dailymotion data breach leaves over 85 million user accounts exposed

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailThe cyberattack is believed to have occurred in October and allegedly involves theft of user email addresses. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collection including first nine games rumoured for PS4 and Vita

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailNew report indicates Square Enix has huge plans for 2017’s anniversary of beloved series. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Are toys spying on your kids? ‘Smart toys’ could be hacked to listen in on conversations

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailLack of security in internet-connected toys means anyone can listen in on your kids’ conversations. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Google Debuts Continuous Fuzzer for Open Source Software

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailA new Google program OSS-Fuzz is aimed at continuously fuzzing open source software and has already detected over 150 bugs. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Nation-state hacking from Russia and China set to continue into 2017, experts warn

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailMost of the biggest hacks that will happen in 2017 are ‘already under way.’ FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Cybercrime network Avalanche brought down by global operation

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailThe joint operation successfully sinkholed around 800,000 domain strong botnet infrastructure. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail

Chris Sacca: ‘Silicon Valley must stand up to Trump or risk destroying tech, America and the planet’

FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemailVenture investor Chris Sacca told the audience at Slush 2016 that the US tech industry cannot stay neutral. FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinemail